How Much Does Land Clearing/Excavation In Central Florida Cost?

Finding the right team of professionals in Central Florida is crucial. This couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to preparing your site for construction. Land clearing, grading, excavation, stormwater and utility installation system, and paving, must be done efficiently and with great attention to detail, to ensure a successful project. Hiring a reputable company is vital. 

If a site is not prepared properly before construction begins, the entire project can be compromised. Preparation includes land clearing, grading, proper compaction, soil stabilization, dewatering, excavation, paving, storm water and utility system installation. 

The Big Question, How Much Does Quality Land Clearing Service Cost? 

Don’t fall victim to the lowest bid. While you may be thinking you are saving a few bucks, it may end up costing you in the end.

An honest contractor will know the value of their work. Knowing you’re in good hands and your project will go smoothly, is definitely worth it. 

A company who offers a very low bid, may be cutting corners, have poor equipment, and unqualified workers, to keep the costs low.

There Are a Few Factors That Go Into The Price Of Clearing a Piece Of Property

The site and condition of the land, are there large slopes or is it flat? Is it heavily wooded with large trees or is it mostly grass?

Are there any local permits, environmental regulations or zoning variances needed?

Will the cleared debris need to be hauled away or will it be burned?

How accessible is the property and how much land need to be cleared?

Will the land need leveling or grading? Typically required before construction begins.

The Company’s Knowledge and Experience 

The number of years a company has been in business typically correlates to the experience and organization. A company needs to know what they are doing in our tropical Central Florida environment. Check out the company’s website, see what they are about, their specialties, and ask questions. 

Proper Licensing & Insurance 

This is important for any type of job. Protecting yourself from incompetent and dishonest contractors is a top priority.  It’s easy to skim over the details and rush through the process, but they are complex jobs and very involved. Including plumbing and electrical lines, prepping for the building and engineering compaction. Too much is at stake, it’s vital to trust the company.

When It Comes To Excavation And Land Clearing, Consistency And Quality Are Keywords

As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction knows what it takes to get the job done right. Including over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring there is no job that is too big, from land clearing, excavation, dirt hauling, roads, utilities installation to surveying and much more.

We are proud to be Central Florida’s full service, licensed and Bonded Land development company specializing in residential, commercial and multi-family projects.

Central Florida Excavation; How To Ensure Your Site Clearing Project is a Success

Hiring the right excavation and site clearing contractor for your project is important. Not only does it set the foundation for a successful project, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. 

Before hiring a quality land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation, follow these tips.

Have A Timeline In Mind

For a smooth project, it is important to take time into account when hiring a site clearing service. There will always be inspections and deadlines to meet. An experienced excavation company will understand this, saving you a great deal of worry and stress. 

Proper Excavation Methods

Land clearing techniques have come along way in the last decade. Modern methods allow for safer and environmentally alternatives. Not all properties are the same, the method best for your project depends on several aspects. To ensure a successful project, careful planning is always key. 

Carefully Hire Experienced Professionals 

Finding the right team of professionals is crucial. This couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to site preparation. Land clearing, grading, excavation, stormwater and utility installation system, and paving, must be done efficiently and with great attention to detail, to ensure a successful project.

What makes Swell Construction A Step Above The Rest?

Swell Construction has a reputation in Central Florida that is built on service, performance, and quality. 

We take pride in our excavation solutions. We are committed to not only protecting your best interest, but also that of the community. We ensure minimal impact on the environment and keeping intact the existing underground utilities, without causing damage to the landscape or property. 

Our team consist of excellent field personnel, a licensed professional engineer and a licensed professional surveyor to provide added support for each and every project.

We have extensive experience working with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level.  Our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy. 

Swell Construction Group is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can handle any size project.

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Central Florida Excavation Service; On Schedule & Budget!

There are many things that take place during the construction phase of any type of building here in Central Florida. To ensure you stay on schedule and within budget, you need to work with an experienced professional. 

An excavation and site development service is usually necessary for all types of construction. 

What Will An Excavation Company Do For Your Project

Site Preparation 

The excavation company team are the first ones to work on the property. They determine the lot boundaries, remove the soil and debris to the required depth. They will also conduct several soil tests and use compaction equipment on the soil to ensure it stable and firm enough for the building. 

Make Sure All Requirements Of The Project Are Meet

A professional excavation and site clearing service will be bonded and licensed. They will understand and adhere to all the site requirements for your project. They will have the proper liability insurance, which is a big benefit. It means you can rest assured all hazards and safety standards will be met. If something were to go wrong, they are insured. 

Operate Heavy Machinery 

Operating heavy equipment is not as easy as it may seem. Many services hire this part out. But here at Swell Construction Group, we take pride in not only having the qualified personnel to operate the heavy equipment, we own over 130 pieces of heavy machinery. Which makes us experts. 

Moving Dirt Around

We also have our own dump trucks, which is necessary for moving dirt and clearing out the area for development. They will also be able to adhere to the architect’s specs for, grading and building roads, sewers, and dig ponds. 

Clean Up The Site

Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of debris left on the site that will need to be cleaned up. There are rules and regulations regarding how these materials need to be disposed of.

The professionals at Swell Construction Group always aware of these and property take care of all the waste

Need a Asphalt Paving Contractor? 3 Things To Consider

It isn’t always easy to find the right asphalt paving contractor, whether it is for your commercial or residential project. The experience and quality of the service you choose will determine the outcome of the project, not only how long it will last, but also the appearance. Which is why it is crucial to choose a reputable company, providing excellent customer service and quality work.  

When choosing an Asphalt Paving contractor in Central Florida, consider these 3 things:

  1. Experience 

Experience means everything when it comes to asphalt paving, especially one that knows your particular environment and regional challenges. Look how long the company has been in business. Make sure they have a local office and ask about their past projects. Swell Construction has been in the site development and paving industry for over 30 years. 

2. Appropriately Insured and Licensed 

Every contractor you choose should be appropriately insured and licensed. It is for everyone’s protection. It can be very tempting to choose the lowest bid, but you don’t want someone cutting corners when it comes to asphalt. There are also a lot of fly by night people, scamming honest money or even someone who contacts you.

3. Green Construction Practices

Environmental conservation efforts are critical here in Central Florida. It is important to choose a company that minimizes the carbon footprint for your project. 

As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction our goal is to continue to build up relationships with our current customers and to reach out and form new relationships with potential clients. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with a quality-finished project. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in all positions within our company.
We provide accurate estimates and perform our scope of work in an efficient, timely, and a cost effective manner.

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Central Florida SiteWork & Excavation; What You Need To Know

What are the responsibility of your Central Florida site work contractor? Whether it’s a large housing development, building, or parking lot, having an experience sitework contractor is vital for a successful project. Properly preparing the property for construction is crucial. 

Experience is key!

Inexperienced sitework contractors can ruin a project before it even gets off the ground. So, what exactly is the excavation team responsible for in the beginning stage of development? 

  1. Soil Testing 

Understand the soil is crucial. So, before the process begins, the soil is tested. Typically from several different locations of the site. Every building is incredibly heavy, an unstable foundation will lead to big problems down the road. Soil qualities such as clay content, plasticity, particle shape, and other elements will be evaluated to ensure the site is stable enough for the project. Amending the soil may be necessary for a stable foundation.

2. Clearing the Site 

Clearing unwanted debris is the next step. This can include existing structures, to debris, shrubs, and trees. Safely demolishing of buildings, uprooting trees, and disposing of them properly, takes considerable knowledge.

3. Site Planning 

The details of your project should be more concrete by this time. The sitework contractor and the planning team work together to ensure all requirements for the project are accounted for. Other aspects include parking for the construction crew, bringing in heavy machinery, utility and runoff systems, and much more. 

4. Grading and Compaction 

This step ensures the property will have a stable foundation and proper drainage. We all know every building’s enemy is standing water. Proper drainage is achieved through quality grading. Then compacting takes place so the soil under the building will not sink, slide, or come loose. 

When you choose Swell Construction you can be sure to get the highest quality, professionalism, and great customer service. 

The success and overall integrity of your project depends on properly preparing the property for construction.  This phase is too important to leave to just any company, it takes experience, the right equipment, appropriate licensing and insurance.

When you choose Swell Construction you can be sure to get the highest quality, professionalism, and great customer service.