Kissimmee & Clermont Excavation & Site Clearing

Depending on the needs of your Central Florida construction project,  it may require land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation. To ensure your project is done right, you need to hire professionals, with experience in site clearing and excavation. 

What type of excavation do you need?

Depending on the project, some type of site clearing work is necessary. From the type of construction job, materials and purpose of the excavation. 

Types of excavation work

Excavation services based a particular job

Based on a specific excavation task you need to accomplish. To get the job done effectively and safely it requires specific heavy equipment, technique, and experience. 

Cut and fill excavation 

This typically involves removing rock, gravel, soil, obstructions, and unwanted vegetation from the project time.  This often includes leveling or grading the site, according to plan. 

Drainage excavation

Drainage is essential for any project here in Central Florida. Constructing storm drains to channel water way from buildings by means of drains, ditches, trenches, and depressions for water runoff. If not done properly at the time of initial construction, it can lead to costly problems down the road. 

Borrow excavation 

Some construction sites may need materials brought onto the site. Such as a combination of soil, sand, and gravel. This is typically needed for backfilling areas and then the area is leveled based on the specific needs. 

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Clermont Excavation & Site Clearing

Land clearing, excavation, removal of trees, vegetation and debris to prepare for construction or some type of development is an important step in the process. 

Some basic terms you may need to know when it comes to clearing the land 


The cutting down of trees, brush, and removing all unwanted vegetation and debris. 


The clearing of roots and stumps by grinding or digging. This typically requires heavy machinery such as dump trucks, bulldozer, scrapers, and compactors.   


Removing any surplus soil. This could mean taking down a hill and anything left emerged after the land has been cleared. This is also the time holes are dug for things like a septic system. 


Construction leveling devices are used to ensure the soil is in the proper place according to the plans. Graded slopes are created to make sure water flows away from future structures. The dirt is carefully smoothed out, so that slopes are not too shallow or too steep. 


Equipment is used to stabilize the soil, eliminating any holes or air pockets that may be under the top layer of earth. 


The process of returning dirt to an area that has been excavated and the related work has been completed. Backfill is very important, it takes experience, a good understanding of specifications, heavy equipment, soil conditions and contract requirements. It also takes special precaution must also be taken around utility lines and ditches.

Dentist Test

A density test will determine how much stone, soil, or blacktop has been compacted. The process of backfilling can be tedious, it is done layer by layer, each needs to be compacted properly.

Top Soil

The top soil is an important component to the finished project. It is applied where pathways, lawns, and patios will exist. This will enable strong plants and grass development.

Our experienced team at Swell Construction knows what it takes to get the job done right. Including over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring there is no job that is too big, from land clearing, excavation, dirt hauling, roads, utilities installation to surveying and much more.

Kissimmee & Clermont Land Clearing & Excavation

While it often goes unnoticed, excavation and site clearing are the most important aspects of preparing for construction here in Central Florida. 

When preparing a property or land for development, there are five critical areas to consider. 

Land clearing

Not only does this include removing heavy vegetation, trees, and clearing trees. It also involves the condition of the land, any obstacles, and the suitability of the soil. 

While this may sound easy enough, it takes the right equipment and techniques to properly remove stumps, pull roots “brush grubbing”, eliminating boulder, large rocks, protruding objects, and debris, to ensure the land is feasible to start construction. 

Structure demolition 

Are there any existing structures on the land? All this will need to be demolished and hauled away. The heavy equipment necessary for this includes excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and manual labor. 

Safety is vital during the entire phase of operation to protect adjoining properties and prevent accidents. 

Topography alteration 

The terrain of the property will need to meet the construction requirements. The proper slope, elevation, leveling and soil will prevent flooding, ensure adequate drainage, and minimize erosion. 

Soil quality 

Soil types vary greatly here in Central Florida. The sandy soil on top is not the same as a few feed down. A knowledge excavation service will be well versed in the different types of soil. This is very important since the soil is responsible for holding up the weight of the building. 

Safeguarding utility infrastructure 

It is paramount to adhere to the highest safety standards. Utility infrastructure includes underground pipes, water lines, cable, conduits, gas, and junction boxes. 

Increase profitability

Meeting our clients’ business goals is our top priority. We apply our expertise in construction and excavation to add to the financial health of your project. Quality excavation decreases financial risk, increase profitability, and benefits our community. 

Swell Construction is proud to provide our clients with cost effective solutions for their project. We ensure our work is of the highest quality and  exceeds your expectations. Whether your project consists of a single home, parking lot, or a housing subdivision, we have the equipment, experience, and skill, to get the job done right! 

Affordable Clermont & Lake Nona Excavation & Site Clearing

Excavation and site clearing here in Orlando and Kissimmee is more than just clearing out some brush and digging a few holes in the ground. When your project is finished, site clearing is the last thing people think of, it at all, but hiring the right excavation team determines the success. 

How important is a profession excavation contractor?

Aside from preparing a property site for building, excavation services also demolish existing structures, clear out the land, dispose of hazardous materials, grading, earthwork, paving roads, driveway and parking lots, storm water and utility systems installation.

Reliability and professionalism are essential 

A professional site clearing contractor has made a hefty investment in high quality equipment. Are up to date in the latest site preparation technology and trends, honest, and provide reliable customer service. 

Experience, safety, and a strong work ethic is vital

Inexperience and unskilled excavation are a safety risk, from collapsing trenches, mishandling equipment, to incorrect risk assessment.

This can end up costing you, both before construction and years down the road. 

Buyer beware, the least expensive bid doesn’t make it the best

A profession excavation company understands how important it is to follow a detailed plan, understand the best type of equipment to use for specific applications, ensures a safe environment and knows how to work with limited space. 

Prepared for the unexpected 

You never know what lies beneath the ground. Plumbing systems, uncharted pipes, wildlife, hazardous materials. An experienced contractor will know how to handle whatever comes their way. 

Just because the topsoil looks good, doesn’t mean what is underneath is going to support your project. Different types of soil react differently to the excavation process. Erosion and sedimentation changes all need to be managed properly.

You can trust the professionals at Swell Construction Company to ensure your project gets off to a good start and there aren’t any crucial steps missed. 

Orlando Land Clearing & Excavation; Stay On Budget

In last week’s blog we talked about what you need to know about land clearing and excavation here in Central Florida.

More and More projects are conserving green space

Whether it is leaving a few old oak trees for an eye catching playground area, shade for a parking lot, or next to an office space to reduce energy costs, today’s projects are incorporating green spaces into their designs. For a better environment and community. 

When it comes to land clearing services, not all are created equal

It takes the right experience and equipment to get the job right. Understanding the latest techniques, newest laws, ensuring the job is done right, and stays within budget and on schedule takes experience and a dedicated crew.

Conservation makes a big difference

Environmental conservation efforts are critical here in Central Florida. It is important to choose a company that minimizes the carbon footprint of your project. 

Construction sites throughout the country are in the habit of producing a significant amount of waste. Sustainability should be a higher propriety, from recycling waste to focusing on decreasing energy costs.

Often times, everything is just tossed into a large trash bin and it ends up in the local landfill, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Green practices also include warm mix asphalt and stormwater management services.

Efficient equipment, conserving energy, and taking proper conservation measures, adds up to a cost savings for everyone, reducing the carbon footprint of the project is very attractive to the new owners. 

In the past decade, there has been a dramatic call for eco-friendly construction practices here in Central Florida. At Swell Construction we believe that starts before construction begins. We are committed to reducing the negative impact site development has on the environment.

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Though we have made great progress in early detection, cancer treatment and finding a cure, we still have a long way to go.