Orlando Land Clearing; Save Time & Money

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When it comes to Central Florida land clearing, grading, and preparing your site for construction, there are several different methods. 

Do you know which one is best for your project? What rules and regulations does your project need to adhere to when it comes to water runoff, land clearing, or stormwater distribution? Will your project need specific equipment? What about utilities, are their existing lines underground and will you need lines dug? Where do you start? 

Most often then not, it is time and cost that most commercial and residential projects look at when they choose a company to prepare your property. 

Having the right equipment is the quickest and most cost effective way to get the job done right. Sure, you can go in and bulldoze trees and bushes over, but that doesn’t kill them and you are left with uneven soil. They can also easily damage trees you want to save. For this a skid-steer tractor with hydraulic shears is needed. 

Next the property will need to be graded, removing underbrush, plants, and rocks. This process prepares the property for buildings, parking lots, streets, driveways, playgrounds, and storm drains. The equipment needed are skid loader and backhoes

Silt fencing may be necessary, this is when a geo-textile fabric is used as a temporary barrier. This prevents erosion during site clearing phase of the project, it also prevents waste and debris from reaching other properties. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to breaking down due to weather and needs maintenance.

So, where do you start? 

By contacting Swell Construction. Our leadership and experience through all the phases of site development means the highest quality at a cost effective cost. 

We have established an excellent reputation throughout the Central Florida area for performing quality work under budget, on schedule, and with pride.