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When it comes to land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation in Central Florida, Swell Construction  is a company you can count on for quality work at a fair price. 

Since 1989 we have been serving both commercial and individual job sites. Providing excavation a variety of excavation services to prepare your site for construction.  That includes general contractors and remodeling contractors, property managers and owners. 

There is no job too large or too small, no matter how difficult or extensive. 

What makes Swell Construction stand out, our attention to the smallest details. Excavation is so much more than moving dirt and removing a couple of trees with a bobcat loader and excavators. 

We take pride in our excavation solutions, they are dependable and efficient designs for the best results possible. We are committed to not only protecting your best interest, but also that of the community. We ensure minimal impact on the environment and keeping intact the existing underground utilities, without causing damage to the landscape or property. 

It can be difficult, if not impossible to start a construction project with debris, rocks, trees, shrubs, and undergrowth. Don’t worry, the professionals at Swell Construction will have it cleared out in no time! How? Our advanced equipment and skilled workers can handle the most complicated and involved land clearing and grading jobs. 

In fact, we go to great lengths to employ only the brightest and the best in the industry. We believe this professional approach brings the diligence and expertise that makes our team a step above the rest. Combined with our advanced equipment, innovative designs, and attention to details, ensures we deliver a seamless and efficient job. Our results are rock solid!

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Osceola Site Clearing & Excavation Service

When you think of site clearing and excavation in Central Florida, you may imagine heavy equipment moving dirt, trees, and rocks. This may be a simple explanation, but there is anything simple about excavation, site clearing, 

It requires expertise in trenching, tunneling, soil testing, as well as many large pieces of equipment, and skilled workers who understand the process. 

How does the excavation project start?

It all starts with the vision for the property. It typically requires the removal of earth, trees, rock, and soil, to create another use for the area. The team at Swell Construction can reinvent an area, no matter how challenging it may seem.

Whether it has a dilapidated structure, an eyesore because of the overgrowth, or a rocky soil that makes it seem almost impossible to build on, don’t worry, we have the right equipment and teams with the right type of training to complete the project according to the plans. We ensure safe practices are always followed.

Whether it is a commercial developer, a mixed use complex, or a residential home, Swell Construction can accomplish the project on time and within budget.

Before a foundation can be poured, it must be properly dug out and prepared. The land must be cleared and leveled according to the site plans. After the foundation is poured and properly cured, to set the foundation the excavation must come back and backfill the area around it. 

New roadways need to be staked out cleared, bulldozed, and debris hauled away. Proper drainage is necessary, so ditches are dug with excavators along the sides. Then the streets are then paved. 

Get your project off on the right foot, contact the professionals at Swell Construction 

As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction provides quality total site development. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation. We have everything you need to get the job done right, on time and within budget. 

Osceola & Orange County Excavation & Site Clearing

Before construction begins on your central Florida property, you need to hire an excavation and/or site clearing service near you. Earth works is a serious process it is essential for the land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation, be executed correctly to avoid problems down the road.  The process can also be dangerous, which is why you need to hire a professional. 

No matter what size your project is, here is why you need to hire an excavation service:

The soil can hold a lot of surprises 

You can’t assume the same soil on top is what’s underneath the round. You don’t have to dig very deep in Florida to find some muddy, sandy, or rocky soil. Each soil requires certain equipment and expertise. 

An experienced excavation service will analyze the soil before digging begins to determine what type of equipment to use 

A professional excavator will have the right equipment 

Using the right equipment makes the project faster and safer. For instance, a trencher is used to dig large trenches, long, narrow pits, used for many reasons, plumbing, utilities, and irrigation, is more efficient than using a bobcat.

Reduce the risk of property damage 

Excavation requires the use of several pieces of heavy equipment. The team operating the equipment needs to be properly trained, have experience, and specific licensing. The team will need to use the equipment smoothly and efficiently, to avoid hazards. 

Swell Construction Group is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We own our equipment, over 130 pieces, which not only means we can handle any size project, we ensure they are properly maintained so you can depend on a prompt service and no set backs. 

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Earth Works & Excavation In Orlando & Clermont

Continuing last week’s blog, site clearing and ensuring a site is properly prepared for construction. After a property is cleared of all debris, brush, large rocks, then depending on the specific site’s needs and according to the development, further work is necessary. This can include soil remediation, rock removal, and grading. 

Grading is the process that transforms the contours of the property’s elevation to meet regulatory requirements and aesthetic needs. Soil remediation will remove unstable soil and replace it with safe soil. Rock removal will take away any below grade rocks that can hinder or impede construction. 

Other site work needs include stormwater management, utility installation, paving, and landscaping. 

It is vital to partner with an excavation contractor with the necessary experience.

The cost of a project typically depends on the scope and difficulty of the project.

The scope of the project and condition of the land, are there large slopes or is it flat? Is it heavily wooded with large trees or is it mostly grass?

Are there any local permits, environmental regulations or zoning variances needed?

Will the cleared debris need to be hauled away or will it be burned?

How accessible is the property and how much land need to be cleared?

When it comes to your project, the experienced team at Swell Construction, will work closely with you to determine your best option. Our decades of experience and vast experience here in Central Florida will ensure the highest quality of work and give you the peace of mind it is done right!

Throughout the decades, we have worked on a variety of projects, including multifamily housing, subdivisions, offices, education facilities, and much more. We encourage you to look at our past projects. 

We are proud to be a part of our community. The clients we partner with are our top priority, which is why they return to us for all their site development needs. We are committed to the highest quality and staying within your budget.  

Site Clearing & Excavation For Central Florida Property

Excavation and site clearing is the first phase of any Central Florida residential or commercial construction project. A solid foundation for building, utilities, and roads. Even the tiniest miscalculation in this stage can wreck havoc on the project down the road. There are many points to take into consideration 

Site Management

A complete site development service provides excavation service needs to work closely with land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.  The experienced team at Swell Construction works with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level. This ensures unnecessary delays, quality and timely work.

The Project Manager is the pivotal point on a project and all crews take the initial direction from him. They ensure the project is built to the client’s specifications and acts as the interface between the Owner, the office and the field. Open communications is the key to success. 

Time Management

A timeline is of utmost importance. While the weather in Central Florida isn’t easy to predict 100 percent of the time, delays can cause setbacks. Your project should be the highest priority, the excavation service should be responsive to ensure the project is finished on time. 


You don’t need any added stress. It is important to take into consideration the nearby properties. What will the road conditions be like? The noise? A little professionalism goes a long way!

Erosion Control

Storm water and erosion control is of utmost importance in Central Florida. It can quickly become a hazardous condition. Surface runoff, prevent flooding, water pollution, and soil loss, erosion control should be done by experts.

Looking for a top rated excavation service in Central Florida?

When it comes to residential and commercial projects, Swell Construction is exceeding our clients’ expectations.

With over 30 years of experience and over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can tackle any project!

We provide accurate estimates and perform our scope of work in an efficient, timely, and a cost effective manner.

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