The natural process of soil erosion, where the soil is stripped away, is a monumental issue here in Central Florida. Due to the intense rain and winds. If the land is not properly graded in the initial construction phase, erosion first strips the topsoil from the property, then compacts the remaining soil. Once compacted, the soil cannot absorb water as it once could. Increasing the rate of erosion and putting you at risk for floods. 
Businesses, HOA’s, and commercial properties in the Orlando area are making their parking lots more appealing with new asphalt paving.  Asphalt paving offer a number of benefits to your business Safety  Safety is always an issue when it comes to a commercial business. You are responsible for the condition of the roads and parking lots within your community. Asphalt is the preferred material for Central Florida’s environment. It is designed to provide superior traction, contact,
The first step to most commercial construction projects in Central Florida, is site clearing and excavation. It involves preparing the property for development of the site. Including moving the art, removing trash, debris, trees, roots, and digging spaces for underground utilities. It also includes the very important step of redistributing and compacting the soil for stability and grading.  Complete site development  Commercial project typically requires more heavy equipment than smaller residential projects. At Swell Construction
Starting any type of Central Florida construction project from the ground up takes the right team. Site clearing, paving, and excavation are responsible for creating a stable and level surface for foundations, land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation. At Swell Construction Group it is our responsibility to provide clients with a quality finished project that won’t break the budget. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in
Before you begin that new construction project here in Central Florida, you probably need some type of site clearing and preparation work or excavation before construction starts. Not only does this ensure your land complies with local and state building codes, but there reduces the chances of delays, issues, or problems down the road.  What you need to know about site prep and excavation  Prior to construction, there are a number of tasks associated with
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