Choosing An Orlando Site Clearing Service

When choosing a Central Florida excavation and site clearing team for your construction project, there are a few things to look for to set your project up for success. 

Understands the needs of the client 

Look for a company that takes the time to understand what is important to you and your project. They should gather information and ask questions that will help them understand your constraints and requirements. 

At Swell Construction your project is our top priority. While project procurement, scheduling and constructibility reviews are very important, we can complete our portion of your project better when we truly understand your vision for your project. 

Support a collaborative environment 

Collaboration between teams, for project of all scopes and sizes, is vital. At Swell Construction we value teamwork and encourage members to add their expertise to the process. With input from a variety of relevant specialists, the planning and construction process is smooth. It also helps, reduce extended schedules and any added expenses. Our extensive experience and inherent collaboration is key to our success. 

Dedicated to optimizing budget and cost certainty 

Good and accurate data makes good decisions, which is essential for estimating the process. Through detailed analysis, the estimating team at Swell Construction will will provide a well defined estimate. They use a detailed cost database composed of real world and historical  information from our service area to create an accurate estimate. We keep track of any budgeting changes and look for value engineering opportunities. 

 Put the client’s best interest first 

At Swell Construction we work on behalf of your best interest, from understanding your needs to succeeding in bringing your vision to life. 

It is our responsibility to provide our customers with a quality-finished project. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in all positions within our company.

We provide accurate estimates and perform our scope of work in an efficient, timely, and a cost effective manner.

Swell Construction Group is a Site Contractor that specializes in total site development and we are located in Oviedo, FL. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

Top Excavation, Paving & Site Clearing Service In Orlando

When it comes to paving for new or existing properties here in Central Florida, you want something that will be durable and have long term value, but is also cost effective. For most housing subdivisions, businesses, and residential homes, the best option is asphalt. 

The Benefits of Asphalt Paving 

The property value is increased: The smooth surface is attractive, improves the aesthetics of your property, and makes a good impression, increasing the value of your project. 

Easy maintenance: Asphalt is fairly easy to maintain, especially compared to other materials. It is easy to sweep any debris away, fill any cracks, and touch up. 

Safety: Proper water drainage is vital for any project. Asphalt can be modified to promote drainage, lower splashback, and even prevent skidding. 

Durability: Quality asphalt that has been properly installed and maintained can last for decades without needing repairs. It is weather resistant and can stand up to low and high traffic areas. If there are any underlying surface imperfections, asphalt has ample flexibility.  

Affordable: Compared to other materials, asphalt typically costs less. While being easier to maintain and installs faster. 

Environmentally Friendly: Asphalt is easily recycled, reducing the carbon footprint of your project. 

Paving requires high quality materials, the right equipment, and experienced professionals, to get the job done right. The last thing you want is for water to pool on the asphalt, not only does this erode the substrates, it creates air pockets. Which means costly repairs will be necessary. 

Quality and Experience Matters!

When it comes to paving for new construction, Swell Construction Group is a leader in the industry. Our knowledgeable team understands the essential elements for quality results and the equipment to handle any size project.  We take pride in. improving your project’s value 

We specialize in earthwork, excavation, land clearing, land grading, storm water, utility system installation, paving, and much more. With over 30 years of experience and over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can tackle any project!

Contact Swell Construction Group for your next project.

How Much Does Orlando Excavation and Land Clearing Cost?

The cost of commercial land clearing and excavation in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Clermont, depends on the property. The type of equipment needed, how long it will take to clear the land, and the handling of the material. Other factors include:

Project Size 

The larger the property and the amount that needs to be cleared, the more time and labor needed. 

Density of Vegetation 

The type of vegetation can impact the cost. Smaller shrubs and plants take less time that many mature trees and their roots. 

Property’s Topography 

The natural grade of the land can also impact the cost. The type of soil, waterways, steep hills can complicate the process. 

Complete site development takes proper heavy equipment. This should be done by an experienced team. Soil, rocks, and debris need to be properly removed. Displaced soil can cause landslides and collapsed walls.

Quality excavation and site clearing is vital to any construction project here in Central Florida. Without it, foundations can fail, causing cracks, shifts, and even sinking into the ground. Today’s homes and businesses a heavier than ever before, the foundation needs to be able to support the building, stone countertops, flooring, and everything it contains.

While there are many variables when it comes to cost, Swell Construction Group is proud to have the reputation of performing quality work, coming in under budget, and on schedule. 

From the first contact with the Estimating team to the contract, to the final walk through on a project, the team at Swell Construction is there for our client. Our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy and fast response required by Owners.

Our team is ready to work with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level, which is Project Management.