Kissimmee Land Clearing, Earthwork, Excavation & Paving

Site prep or development in Central Florida encompasses a wide range of preliminary work, excavation, land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

This important step is essential to ensure safe buildings, stable foundation, and a healthy environment. 

What is involved in preparing a property for construction?

Geotechnical investigation requires testing of the soil. Here in Florida we have many types of soils with different composition and strength. Soil can in vary significantly on a single property. 

Testing the soil determines the type of soil, whether it is strong enough to stand up to construction. The soil is analyzed, a report is drafted, detailing any issues and the actions required to establish sufficient foundational support. 

Field testing is also necessary to ensure all the recommendations and specifications from the design and soil report are met. 

Sediment and Erosion Control 

Florida has certain requirements when it comes to erosion control. Surface runoff, prevent flooding, water pollution, and soil loss, erosion control should be done by experts who definitely know what they are doing!

Land Clearing 

Land clearing includes removing any brush, trees, existing structures. This requires specific equipment to ensure the job is done right. This also creates a flat, secure surface for construction, which is vital for long term stability. 

Land Grading

This ensures the ground is reshaped to the planned grades. Proper drainage is imperative for any property in Florida, of which land grading plays an important role. It also helps control sedimentation, soil erosion, and surface runoff.  Improper grading can result in increase peak flows, high runoff, poor drainage, and flooding. If the ground is left at levels that are inappropriate, it disturbs the natural patterns of the storm water and can cause a huge, costly mess.

Swell Construction Group is Central Florida’s leading ‘one stop shop’ for all your construction site prep work. We ensure every step of the process is done according to the  requires specifics and with quality.

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Osceola Land Development; SiteClearing & Excavation

Starting a new construction project here in Central Florida, Orlando, Kissimmee or Lady Lake, is very exciting, but also stressful! Before the process of building even starts, there are lots of decisions to be made. 

A very important decisions is which excavation company are you going to hire. Choosing the wrong service could be a costly mistake. Taking your stress to a whole new level, with, delays, inconveniences, unwanted added expenses, disastrous miscalculations and oversights. 

Need to Hire an Excavation Service, Try These Time Tested Tips

 Sure, you can go on-line search and for a local excavation, site clearing, earthwork, or paving and get pages and pages of results. But which one should you choose? 


Make sure they have a credible website, check out a showcase of their actual work, and read some of their reviews. 


Ensure the company has experience with your type of project. This type of work is very important and needs to be done right. If not you can have serious problems down the road. 

You can also ask if you can contact a previous customer and see what their experience was like. 


To do a quality job you need the right equipment. Make sure the company you choose owns and maintains the necessary equipment. 


It is vital the excavation contractor has the proper licensing. Just in case some type of legal issue ever comes about. They will also need the proper licensing and experience to operate the equipment. 


Communication is key to a successful project.  Collaborating with other professionals working on the projects. As well as, making sure all field personnel will be equipped with the latest equipment and communication systems necessary to complete the job on time and to specifications.

You Can Count on Swell Construction

As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction has built its reputation on service, performance and quality. From the first contact with the Estimating team to the contract, to the final walk through on a project… the team is there for the client

Orlando/Kissimmee Site Construction Preparation/Excavation

Ensuring your land clearing, site preparation, excavation, grading or paving project in  Central Florida stays on schedule is important. Meeting deadlines can be challenging, just a small delay and cause the timeline to be thrown off course. 

The timeline keeps the construction project on schedule, from planning, preparing the land, and design and building phase. It can also, affect the budget. 

How To Keep Your Construction Project On Track

Create a Timeline That is Realistic and Have a Contingency Plan 

Every detail of the construction process requires sufficient time, so that it can be completed successfully and safely. Allocating an extra day for problems such as unexpected poor weather and unavailable resources, which can easily hinder a schedule. These issues can be quickly resolved with a contingency plan.

Carefully Hire Experienced Professionals 

Finding the right team of professionals is crucial. This couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to site preparation. Land clearing, grading, excavation, stormwater and utility installation system, and paving, must be done efficiently and with great attention to detail, to ensure a successful project. Hiring a reputable company is vital. 

Clear Communication 

A good foundation for any construction project is clear communication. Miscommunication inevitably leads to unnecessary delays and costly mistakes. Clearly outlined roles and expectation will prevent derailment.

There are many steps when it comes to preparing a site for construction, depending on the location, size and scope of the project. This process involves clearing the land of vegetation and following any environmental regulations. Excavation of rocks and soil, to clear the site. Establishing a storm water channel and drainage system. Installing a utility system and paving.

Each of these steps requires specific equipment to ensure the job gets done right. Swell Construction Group is Central Florida’s leading ‘one stop shop’ for all your construction site prep work.

Since we own all of our equipment (over 130 pieces of heavy equipment), we ensure each one is properly maintained, which means you can depend on us for efficient and prompt excavation work.

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Orlando, Osceola, Windermere Land Clearing & Paving

The key to lasting pavement is proper drainage, construction techniques, and quality materials. Whether it’s for a walkway, road, or asphalt driveway here in Central Florida, creating proper drainage will prevent potholes and cracking. 

Asphalt’s greatest nemesis is water infiltration. The design and installation of pavement should take into account the slope and drainage. A lasting drainage system takes into account subheading and surface drainage. 

What’s the secret to a pavement that last for years without any problems? 

Subgrade Drainage

Properly installed subdrainage is responsible for strong pavement, lasting well into the future. To preserve the subgrade drainage pipes should be installed with filters. This allows a consistent flow of water and contain small particles of soil within the subgrade. Proper materials are also important to ensure potholes don’t happen in the future, or any sinking or shifting in the foundation. 

Surface Drainage

The quality and type of asphalt mix used for a project are vital for proper surface drainage. An intact, impermeable surface creates a protected subgrade. Which means water won’t pool near the edges and water will drain properly, protecting the subgrade.

What makes Swell Construction a step above the rest?

Swell Construction has a reputation in Central Florida that is built on service, performance, and quality. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

Our team consist of excellent field personnel, a licensed professional engineer and a licensed professional surveyor to provide added support for each and every project.

We have extensive experience working with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level.  Our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy. 

Swell Construction Group is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can handle any size project. Contact us for more information on your next project.

Orlando Excavation Service, Land Clearing, Grading, Earthwork

If you are a project manager, land developer, or construction contractor in Central Florida and need some type of site development, but what do you need to know?

There Are Several Types of Excavation 

Borrow Excavation

Most new construction projects require removing materials to make room for the project. Borrow excavation, is just that, borrowing materials such as soil, gravel, and dirt, from a ‘sandbox’ as the industry call it. These materials are used for grading, fill, and used to create concrete. 

Channel Excavation 

This type of excavation focuses on removing materials to create throughways or ditches to redirect water flow. This important step manages water, sediment buildup and alleviate flooding.

 Structural Drainage

Work related to drainage focuses on moving water, via storm drains, trenches, or ditches, away from the project or structure. 


Sediment and debris accumulate over time and needs to be removed. Dredging is underwater excavation, moving the debris and dirt to another area.


Typically for new industrial, commercial or residential construction. It pertains to removing soil to make room for the project. The objective is to gain access through areas that are impassible by isolating the polluted or contaminated space. 

Footing Excavation 

The foundational support of the project, building, structure, or bridge is the footings. It consist of a very precise type of excavation, that occurs after the land is properly graded. 

Stripping Excavation

This includes clearing (or stripping) out the land, shrubbery, trees, and topsoil. This is especially important if you have a large area of land.

Muck Excavation 

Muck excavation is often necessary in projects in Central Florida.  This typically involves cordoning off 

Rock Excavation

Rocky ground is prevalent in Florida and can easily obstruct construction. Often times specific equipment is necessary to effectively remove them.

There are many aspects that go into excavation and site development. Swell Construction Group is a trusted site development group in Central Florida. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.