Why Hire A Excavation/Site Clearing Service?

Swell Construction is proud to serve Central Florida since 1989, as a total site development company. We are locally owned and operated, with over 130 pieces of heavy equipment. Creating quality building foundations and roadways requires experience, skill, and precision equipment. 

We are a true one stop for your construction prep work. From start to finish, we handle everything. From surveying the ground, land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation to the right depth to stripping the topsoil, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

All of our crews are in house and bring an advanced level of expertise and professionalism, we are bonded and insured. This ensures quality work to eliminates unnecessary downtime.

We understand the Florida landscape and have the resources and the necessary tools needed to develop construction projects of all types. 

Site Work 

Preparing the land for a building is considered site work. This typically includes excavation, tree and debris removal, dirt prep, grading, stabilization, and more. This may seem simple enough, but the quality of site work can make the difference between costly construction delays and a solid foundation. 


It is easy for property to look level, but it is important to be level, it is an important step. Cutting dirt from areas that are higher, filling in low spots, strategically distributing dirt to allow for proper water runoff. 

Quality land grading is essential for many reasons

When a building is built on ungraded or eleven land, it will be met with water drainage issues. It water doesn’t flow properly, it will circulate towards the building instead of away. 

With our torrential downpours here in Central Florida, it won’t take long before water has accumulated around the foundation. This leads to considerable water damage to the foundation, cinder blocks, landscape, and interior of the building. Without a solid foundation, you at risk of future for costly repairs. 

Orlando’s Top Paving & Asphalt Repair

Your parking lot or driveway is one of the first thing clients and visitors see as they drive up to your business or home. How does it look? Does it have unsightly cracks, potholes, fading or even slow to drain? These are problems that can discourage guests and decrease your property value. 

Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever, that includes pavement. Turning a blind eye to the wear and tear can lead to bigger and more costly problems. Does your pavement need updating?  Look for these signs:

Surface cracks 

Cracks in the pavement that are less than 1/4 inch wide may be an easy fix. But larger cracks can be a larger issue. The repairs depend on the cracks, you can rely on the team at Swell Construction for an honest assessment. 


More than just an eye-sore, potholes can damage vehicles and even be a liability.

Potholes can be the tip of an ugly iceberg. The water that collects in the pothole from the rain, seeps into the undersurface, softening the foundation of the driveway or parking lot. This also leads to costly damage and cracks. 

Fading and stains

Fading and stains are unsightly and inevitable in our environment. Whether it is sealcoating or an easy renovation, it will keep it looking attractive and protect it from future fading and stains. 

Slow to drain 

If you have water collecting, instead of draining, you could have a bigger problem than you think. The situation needs to be remedied as soon as possible. 

Properly installed subdrainage is responsible for strong pavement, lasting well into the future. To preserve the subgrade drainage pipes should be installed with filters. This allows a consistent flow of water and contain small particles of soil within the subgrade. Proper materials are also important to ensure potholes don’t happen in the future, or any sinking or shifting in the foundation. 

Missing or loose pieces around the boarder

Chunks of missing pavement are definitely not attractive and will need to be repaired by removing the damaged places and replaced.  

As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction our goal is to continue to build up relationships with our current customers and to reach out and form new relationships with potential clients. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with a quality-finished project. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in all positions within our company.

Excavation & Site Development; Bring Value To Your Project

Every excavation and site development project in Central Florida is unique.   As a leader in the industry, Swell Construction Group, we bring value to every project. 

How can Partnering with Swell Construction bring value to your project?

Big Picture Mindset

More than just hauling dirt, excavation and site clearing is just one part that make up the big picture. Our knowledge and experience contribute a unique perspective to planning and fitting all the pieces together for a successful project. Our understanding of codes and regulations ensures goals are completed in a timely manner and without costly delays. 

Diligent Coordination 

Our decades of experience show in our attention to details, the small moving parts that encompass the whole. Our planning capabilities at Swell Construction are first rate, we carefully take into account the integration and scheduling of the various members working on the project. Looking ahead into the project, we conscientiously have an ongoing analysis and flexible design. 

Quality Solutions 

We take pride in every project we work on, no matter how big or small. Taking the time to evaluate the best methods, materials, and what is best for the long term implications. High quality and creative solutions at an affordable cost, is what makes us a leader in the industry. 


Our state-of-the-art estimating software system and experience takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation. We ensure the accuracy and dependable cost analysis. Our team is ready to work with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level, which is Project Management.

Team Centered Approach 

We believe in communication and collaboration, we are all working towards a common goal. Collaborating together to find the most cost affective and efficient solutions.

Construction Group today and find out why we are the premier land clearing and excavation service in Central Florida.

Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Nona; Total Site Development

Excavation and site clearing in Central Florida may seem like a pretty straight forward process, clearing out debris and digging the soil. The reality of total site development is a serious matter. 

You want your project to be done right, problems down the road can be dangerous and costly! Hiring the right team for all your preparation needs is essential.

Swell Construction is proud to be a leading excavation service in Central Florida. What sets us apart from the competition is our experience and attention to detail for every project we work on. 

Making Grades, Setting Drains 

Matching the intended grade of the soil is a vital part of site preparation. Meeting the grade specs is essential when it comes to constructing the pad for the concrete. Ensuring water is effectively transported away from buildings and allowing for adequate drainage. It just takes a small bit of moisture for a project to have serious problems. You don’t have to worry with Swell Construction, we protect your project from any unnecessary damages. 

Optimal Soil Conditions

The team at Swell Construction aware of the importance of understanding the soil before compaction begins. The process of conditioning the soil for structural use, placing it back and compacting. The last thing you want is unstable material. Too dry and the soil will expand and swill when it comes into contact with moisture, causing cracks in concrete slabs. If the soil is too wet, and the material will be unstable, at risk of moving when under pressure. Experience matters when it comes to site preparation. 

Save Time and Money 

In the end, an experienced excavation service means accurate and efficient job.  

When your job requires the best, Swell Construction team is here to deliver the results you need. 

With over 30 years of experience and more than 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring that no project or task is beyond our limit. We have established an excellent reputation throughout the Central Florida area for performing quality work under budget, on schedule, and with pride.

What Goes Into Site Clearing & Excavation In Orlando & Kissimmee

In continuing with last week’s blog on Green construction, most projects starts with excavation and site clearing. Construction developments are quickly becoming aware of both the financial and environmental benefits of green construction methods. 

Swell Construction is proud to partner with developers and those in the construction industry to develop cost effective projects that benefit our community. We promote socially responsible and eco-friendly practices with all of our projects. 

Excavation and site clearing entails multiple steps. Carefully taking many factors into account to ensure the land is strong enough for the planned foundations, is the first step for environmentally friendly construction.

What Goes Into Preparing a Site For Construction?

Step 1: Testing the Soil

It is important to understand what type of soil the land contains. The soils ability to withstand a structure and absorb water impacts the overall success of the project. 

Step 2: Land Clearing 

Clearing the land and getting the ground ready for building typically includes removing unwanted debris, trees, shrubs, and dirt. 

Step 3: Planning The Design 

During this phase professionals partner together to plan the placement of buildings and roads, install drainage systems and utilities. 

Step 4: Site Investigation

To ensure the highest level of quality, our team will analyze the soil, rocks, and groundwater. Taking all this into account to create an updated plan. 

Step 5: Grading and Compaction 

Drainage and land grading is especially important here in Central Florida. It drives water away from the foundation, deterring any foundation and flooding issues. 

This phase requires an experienced team and the right equipment. After all, compaction of the soil is responsible for supporting the building, so it needs to be done with the utmost accuracy. 

Preparing a site for construction requires careful planning and quality work. If a company cuts corners, you can end up with costly damages down the road. 

Partner with a leader in the industry, contact Swell Construction today.