Orlando/Kissimmee Land Clearing, Site Development, Excavation, Paving

There is a lot that goes into preparing a Central Florida property for construction. More than just clearing the land, it involves removing all the debris, trees, and shrubs, but it also includes, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

At Swell Construction We Take Care Of It All

Permits are needed before the land clearing project can begin. It is important to take any steps to prevent erosion and protect any vegetation. But don’t worry, Swell Construction will help. 

Existing Structures Removed

Whether it is some old asphalt, concrete or a building, it all needs to be properly removed before a new construction can take place. The debris will need to be appropriately disposed of. 

Removing Vegetation, Debris and Rocks

Any trees or vegetation you want to remain on the property can be marked, everything else can be cleared out. It may require more work to remove mature trees.

Earthwork and Grading the Land 

Grading takes place after all the debris and vegetation is removed. Soil is either added or taken away depending on the situation. The soil is leveled out to ensure the foundation is sturdy for the construction process. 

Best Left to Professionals

Land clearing takes the right equipment, training, and experience. It’s much more than using a chain saws to chopping down a few trees.

Safety is also an issue, you need to be very familiar with working with large equipment. Overgrown vegetation here in Florida is known to hide dangerous and hazardous materials under them, which will need to be safely removed.

From large scale project to small, Swell Construction Group is a  leader in the site development industry here in Central Florida. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can handle any size project.

We have established a great reputation by working with Orlando’s top commercial, multifamily, and single family residential projects. We take pride in performing quality work, while staying on schedule and under budget!

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Choosing an Excavation/Land Clearing Company in Central Florida 

Whether you are a commercial or residential land developer in Greater Orlando?Osceola, you need a contractor for grading, earthwork and excavation. Choosing the right contractor can be difficult. 

Looking on-line at similar companies, they all promise similar services. So, which one do you trust with your project with? There are four variables to seek out when choosing an earthwork contractor. 

The Most Experience 

True you want an excavation contract who knows what they are doing, but most importantly, you want the work to be of the highest quality.  They also need to be able to work well with others 

The Best Service 

How an excavation service treats your construction project, other people, and subcontractors, on the site says a lot about integrity. They will be easy to work with, that will make the process much easier!

The Best Work 

A company should specialize in several types of services, such as land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, stormwater system installation, utility systems installation, and paving. 

Swell Construction Group Inc. has   With a long history of commercial, multifamily, and single family residential site development, Swell Construction Group has been working on projects in Central Florida since 1989, ranging in size from 1 to over 500 acres.

The Best Reputation 

From the first contact with the Estimating team to the contract, to the final walk through on a project the excavation service should be there every step of the way for each client. At Swell Construction Service, our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy and fast response required by Owners. Our crews are the best there is, supported with the latest in technology and equipment.

Your Project Deserves The Best!

Swell Construction Group has an unmatched reputation. With customer service that is top tier and the highest quality work, we our proud of our reputation of performing under budget, on schedule, and with pride.

Successful Site Development/Excavation in Central Florida 

Orlando and Osceola are known for some beautiful residential communities and businesses. They are very successful, the developer purchase some land, create a plan, then develop the property and sell it or generate a profitable business. It leaves many wonder how do they do it?

What Is The Secret To A Successful Development?

High standards from the beginning 

Every project starts from the ground up. This means development of the site, including land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation. You want the investment to succeed, which means it needs to be done right. The companies you hire need to have the same high standards. 

Maximize your projects potential

During the early stages of developing the land is vital to maximize the every bit of land. The latest excavation and site prep techniques can meet the developments objectives while giving the feeling of more space.  This comes in particularly helpful in housing developments, where more houses typically means more money. But new residence may want more space and not feel like the houses are on top of each other. 

Creating a solid ground for construction 

Grading sets the base for the entire project. Projects that are not properly graded can have foundation, erosion, and drainage problems down the road. It can also negatively affect the wildlife and surrounding environment.

How Swell Construction Company can help

Want to complete your project within budget and on time? Then contact Swell Construction Company for all your excavation and site development needs. Removing all the dirt, soil, trees, shrubs, rocks, debris and any hazardous materials, for a solid foundation with a level base for a successful project. 

The goal at Swell Construction is to ensure the land will be properly cleared, and stabilized for a solid foundation for homes, buildings, and other features.

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Land Development, Excavation, Grading & Earthwork in Central Florida

Land development in Central Florida is at an all time high! Cities such as Orlando, Kissimmee, Windermere, Lady Lake, Clermont, Celebration, and so many others are growing at a remarkable rate. New residents and business are flocking to the City Beautiful for the abundant job opportunities and the amazing weather. 

As a land developer, you need a total site development service who specializes in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation. There may be quite a few companies to choose from, but keep these factors in mind.

Site Management 

Central Florida is a very busy town, it is important for the job site to establish entrances and exits that are convenient and do not impede on traffic in the local area. The excavation team also needs to take into account where their fill pile will be located and the appropriate roads to use when removing excavated materials. 

Location of Utilities

Whether the excavation for a residential site or business, it is important to understand what is below the ground. Are there utility lines already running through the site? The utilities for your project, power, water, gas, sewage adds another dimension. 

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the pivotal point on all projects. Here at Swell Construction Group, each of our job sites has their own Project Manager 

ho is highly skilled in all aspects of site development and will take the project from its initial ground breaking to the final walk through with the local City or County Municipality. They also ensure that the project is built to the client’s specifications and acts as the interface between the Owner, the office and the field.

Since 1989, Swell Construction Company has been helping Central Florida grow. Our partnership with businesses and residences have made us a leader in the industry! We deliver exceptional construction quality and unbeatable customer service! Contact us today for more information.

Orlando/Kissimmee Paving, Land Clearing & Site Development

When it comes to paving for new construction here in Central Florida, you want something that will be durable and have long term value, but is also cost effective. For most housing subdivisions, businesses, and residential homes, the best option is asphalt. 

The Benefits of Asphalt Paving 

The property value is increased: The smooth surface is attractive, improves the aesthetics of your property, and makes a good impression, increasing the value of your project. 

Easy maintenance: Asphalt is fairly easy to maintain, especially compared to other materials. It is easy to sweep any debris away, fill any cracks, and touch up. 

Safety: Proper water drainage is vital for any project. Asphalt can be modified to promote drainage, lower splashback, and even prevent skidding. 

Durability: Quality asphalt that has been properly installed and maintained can last for decades without needing repairs. It is weather resistant and can stand up to low and high traffic areas. If there are any underlying surface imperfections, asphalt has ample flexibility.  

Affordable: Compared to other materials, asphalt typically costs less. While being easier to maintain and installs faster. 

Environmentally Friendly: Asphalt is easily recycled, reducing the carbon footprint of your project. 

Paving requires high quality materials, the right equipment, and experienced professionals, to get the job done right. The last thing you want is for water to pool on the asphalt, not only does this erode the substrates, it creates air pockets. Which means costly repairs will be necessary. 

Quality and Experience Matters!

When it comes to paving for new construction, Swell Construction Group is a leader in the industry. Our knowledgeable team understands the essential elements for quality results and the equipment to handle any size project.  We take pride in. improving your project’s value 

We specialize in earthwork, excavation, land clearing, land grading, storm water, utility system installation, paving, and much more. With over 30 years of experience and over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can tackle any project!

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