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Whether you are breaking ground on a new Orlando, Kissimmee, or Clermont subdivision, business, or single family home, quality land grading is more important than you think. 

There is water just about everywhere here in Central Florida. From the lakes and ponds, to the daily torrential downpours. All that rain water has to go somewhere and it should be away from your building. Water drainage probably isn’t something that comes to mind when you drive by an office complex or beautiful housing subdivision, but when the land isn’t graded properly, the water damage can be significant. 

When the land isn’t graded properly water can flow towards a building. When water pools around a foundation the pressure can result in cracks and structural damage. Threatening the structural integrity of the building. 

This standing water also encourages insect infestation and contributes to the breeding of mosquitoes. 

Grading ensures water is being diverted correctly, which prevents land erosion and proper drainage. Whether it is a system of pitch angles, piping or swales, it can prevent flooding and a lot of headaches. It also takes neighboring properties into consideration, protecting them from flooding. 

Grading sets the tone for the entire construction project 

Starting with a topographic survey, then initiate a plan. To prevent erosion of the soil, a ‘buffer zone’ should be established. 

A local professional grading service will know the current regulations that need to be followed. 

Back fill around the building’s foundation is also important. Too little and you can end up with an insect and termite problem and too much and you have serious issues with moisture. 

Proper grading also sets the foundation for beautiful landscaping. The aesthetics of the completed project will come together when grading is finished. 

It is important to hire a expert grading service 

The foundation for any Central Florida construction project is site development. From excavation, clearing, to land planning, maximizing usable land and creating a secure and stable site for your construction site is what the seasoned professionals at Swell Construction has been doing for 30 plus years. 

Our experience, innovation, leadership, and commitment, ensures we will exceed your expectations. Working on a project from initiation ensures a higher level of planning, a solid foundation, and in compliance with all local regulations. 

Excavation and land clearing may seem simple enough, but it requires a team of experts who understand Central Florida’s soil conditions, weather, and the environment. The ground itself needs to able to withstand the weight of the buildings as well as the construction materials, while the drainage needs to solve problems, not create them, as well as be responsible for the surrounding areas.

Swell Construction Group is Central Florida’s leading ‘one stop shop’ for all your construction site prep work. We ensure every step of the process is done according to the  requires specifics and with quality.

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