Orlando & Kissimmee Expert Excavation Contractor; Tips to Protect Your Foundation

With the growing population here in Central Florida, there is a high demand for housing subdivisions, medical communities, and retail plazas. Construction and new developments are starting every day. 

Land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation, are a vital part of any new construction project. There are some important tips to protect your foundation and project down the road. 

The soil is very important to your project 

The natural elements and components in the soil can affect the project’s stability. The soil report will enable to prepare the best plan for excavation. It is also responsible for the longevity and long term protection of the building. As well as the liability of the developer. Ensuring the foundation of the buildings will be built on solid ground that doesn’t hold moisture, which can make the foundation susceptible to shifting and other movement. 

The importance of proper grading 

Once the soil report and land survey is complete, excavation begins. To protect the building in the long run, the grading and drainage needs to be assessed and designed. More than just drainage, improper grading can result in foundation damage, cracks, erosion, encourage mold growth, an invitation for insects, pests, decay and rot. It is crucial the slope is away from the building and design the landscape around slope grade. In the end this will save a ton of money and frustration down the road. 

Installation of drainage systems

Drainage is a big issue here in Central Florida. Designed to channel the flow of water away from the building foundation. If the soil under the foundation gets saturated it creates a domino effect. The soil expands, causing an uneven base, the foundation can crack or shift, which can lead to cracks in the walls and ceiling, and a host of liability. 

Swell Construction is Central Florida’s premier excavation company. We take pride in quality land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation, to get your project done under budget and on time!