Orlando, Kissimmee, Clermont; Sustainable Excavation & Earthworks

In the last decade, construction site clearing and earthwork practices in Central Florida have seen a surge in eco-friendly practices.  Reducing the negative impact on the environment and the new construction is the goal. At Swell Construction, we are committed to incorporating these green practices while staying within budget. 

Practice Sustainability 

When it comes to land clearing, excavation, and earth work, it is important to use environmentally friendly methods whenever it is possible. It starts with a specific plan designed for each unique property and project. Utilizing green materials and recycling, is good for the environment, but it is a great way to save money!

Equipment Management 

Excavation and site work projects typically includes many pieces of large equipment. While often overlooked, instead of simply turning off equipment when not in use, they run nonstop. Unfortunately, this is a common practice on construction sites across America. Wasting resources, negatively impacting the environment, and adding to the bottom line. Turning off equipment when not in use can really make a difference. 

Disposing of Material 

When it comes to waste management, sustainability and recycling is important. Construction sites are known for producing a lot of waste, that is hauled off to a landfill. Swell Construction is proud to have a clear focus on recycling. 

Swell Construction is dedicated to sustainability and economically friendly construction practices. 

As a leading full service site development in Central Florida, Swell Construction Group,  we feel our responsibility to provide our customers with a quality-finished project. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in all positions within our company.

We specialize in earthwork, excavation, land clearing, land grading, storm water, utility system installation, paving, and much more. With over 30 years of experience and over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can tackle any project! 

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