Site Development, Excavation & Land Clearing in Central Florida

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A green environment is more important than ever in Central Florida. As a leading excavation and land clearing service, Swell Construction is dedicated to maintaining an environmentally friendly site development, carefully performed services, and adhere to proper testing and functionality to ensure high efficient work to eliminate excess waste. All while allowing the most cost effective site contracting services, land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

Green construction starts at the planning phase of every project and involves the design, development, and construction. Using several methods to reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

How is Swell Construction Contributing to the Green Building Initiative?

Land Clearing 

Excavation is responsible for clearing the land of any debris, rocks, brush and unwanted trees. The land is then leveled according to the design plan for a stable foundation. 

In the excavation process there are three phases of land grading

Rough Excavation Grading

For new projects, such as housing developments, medical communities, and newly constructed buildings, the process begins with shaping the land, backfill the soil, and initiating the drainage. 

Swell Construction has over 130 pieces of heavy equipment and best excavation tools. You can rest assure the equipment used on your project is well serviced, running in great shape, and up to perform the task. This safeguards against any time wasted and staying on budget for the project. 

Final Excavation Grading 

This second phase encompasses grading land away from the foundation of the building. Ensuring accurate function and implementation of the drainage flow lines. 

For an accurate slope and swale a skid steer is used for fine grading projects, ensuring operative drainage. With our skilled excavation team on the job, accurate and precise grades are achieved. 

Engineered Certified Final Grades

The grade is check with a laser level to guarantee accurate percent grade, ensuring they are Engineered Certified 

At Swell Construction, we make your project happen. Contact us for more information and don’t forget to check back with us more next week about our Green Initiative.