Orlando/Kissimmee: The Best Way to Prepare Property for Construction

Excavation and land clearing is much more than removing a few trees and evening out the ground. And while the empty lot may seem solid and secure when you walk on it, but the weight of a heavy equipment, buildings, or several homes, may be a different story all together!

A building’s weight has a big impact not only on the ground, but also on the environment. The purpose of excavation is to properly prepare the site to support what is designed to be built on it. The precision and details that are involved in this are more than most people think. If not done with complete accuracy, you can end up with big problems down the road. 

First Things First 

The first things that need to be safely removed, are existing structures, rocks and trees. Although, not everything has to be removed, you can always leave natural geological elements such as healthy trees or hills. 

Some of the topsoil is usually removed during the land clearing, debris from water and sediment is also removed. Earth excavation is also the foundation for holes that will stabilize buildings, even road, utilities, prevents erosion, and allow for proper drainage. 

Prepare the Site for Construction

Preparing the site for constructions is much more than just moving materials and adding dirt.  The soil is responsible for supporting construction. Depending on the type of soil, after it is compacted it can posses different qualities. The precise movements and calculations are crucial to ensure a quality results. 

Often time the topography has been altered during excavation to accommodate the construction. This affects the drainage, utilities, and paving. 

Everything is Connected 

Excavation and land clearing may seem simple enough, but it requires a team of experts who understand Central Florida’s soil conditions, weather, and the environment. The ground itself needs to able to withstand the weight of the buildings as well as the construction materials, while the drainage needs to solve problems, not create them, as well as be responsible for the surrounding areas.

Swell Construction Group is Central Florida’s leading ‘one stop shop’ for all your construction site prep work. We ensure every step of the process is done according to the  requires specifics and with quality.

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