Kissimmee & Orlando Site Clearing & Excavation

Commercial construction here in Central Florida typically involves some type of excavation or site clearing component. This land preparation is crucial to the success of the overall project. This involves clearing any trees, brush, dirt, rocks, and debris from the construction site. 

Once cleared, the land is excavated, where the dirt is moved according the plans. Filling in any low or high areas. Ensuring proper drainage and also digging trenches for utilities. 

What does land clearing involve?

There are a number of processes that encompass land clearing. Depending on the toys of construction and the condition of the land. This includes clearing out any unwanted trees and brush, rocks, unnecessary rubble, any hazardous debris, and structures. 

The next step is land excavation 

Once the land is cleared, the next step is excavation. Besides moving dirt around with precise analysis, to ensure enough depth for a solid foundation. It also ensures the dirt will be able to support the structure and compaction test are complete, this ensures a solid foundation. 

Why does land clearing and excavation matter?

Both land clearing and excavation are crucial for a strong foundation. With proper planning of earthworks, the project will have as little hindrances as possible. Which means a timely completion and fewer set backs.

Soil analysis

Before beginning excavation and stabilization the soil must be tested. This will establish how much weight the ground can support. Ensuring it is feasible to construct the building where the project designates. 

Soil analysis also establishes the settlement rate of the soil. This is important because it will determine the length and depth of the structure’s pillars. 

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Swell Construction understands your project, no matter how small or big, is unique. Which is why we create a plan specifically tailored to your project, with efficiency, safety, and environmental protection in mind.