Kissimmee & Clermont Excavation, Site Clearing & Earthworks

Construction projects here in Central Florida, typically involve some type of excavation, site clearing, or land grading.  To ensure the project is successful, the land needs to be properly developed.

Elevation grading and drainage 

Before construction begins, the land will need two types of grading to ensure the site is prepared properly. 

Elevation grading work is essential to shape the land according to the building plan.

Drainage grade is vital, especially here in Central Florida, to handle the water flow from our torrential downpours. 

This will prevent soil erosion and flooding, while diverting water away from the building. All of which are necessary, if not done properly, it can mean disaster for any project. 

Foundation grading 

Foundations requires much more than just digging a level hole for the concrete. It is necessary for the land to be professionally graded so that the soil is solid and strong enough to support the weight of the building. 

Grading entails accessing the type of soil and its consistency, compact the dirt and leveling it to specific specifications and can be built on. 

Grading for paving 

Parking lots, driveways, and walkways all require their own grading work. Creating these types of surfaces need several forms of grading, from compacting to leveling, and smoothing. If not properly graded, these paved surfaces can end up breaking, sinking and becoming uneven over time. 

 Landscaping grading 

Ground surfaces also need to be graded. This consists of adding necessary drainage, smoothing the site for buildings, finishing the landscaped areas with topsoil. Ensuring the soil is ready for sod, new trees, and other plants. 

Grading work

Grading work is very technical and detailed part of preparing for construction of a site. Any mistakes done at this phase can be costly. Which can include deconstruction of paved surfaces, weakening the foundation, ground erosion, drainage and flooding problems, and much more. 

But you can avoid these issues with the professionals at Swell Construction.