Budget Friendly Land Clearing & Excavation

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If you have a construction project in Central Florida coming up, you will probably need some type of land clearing or excavation service. 

This important first step will rid the property of any type of debris, rocks, and trees before construction begins. This step determines how firm the foundation is for your project and if you will have costly problems down the road. 

What you need to know about land clearing and excavation 

The cost and amount of time it will take to clear the land will depend on a few factors. It starts by removing any large rocks and vegetation. The brush and trees can quickly become obstacles.  Roots and hazardous materials can become huge problems down the road. 


Grading the property is the next step. This process depends on what kind of condition the land is in. Proper erosion prevention and drainage control will also ensure the property holds up in Central Florida’s weather. 

Site Management 

Central Florida is a very busy town, it is important for the job site to establish entrances and exits that are convenient and do not impede on traffic in the local area.

The excavation team also needs to take into account where their fill pile will be located and the appropriate roads to use when removing excavated materials. 

Location of Utilities

Whether the excavation for a residential site or business, it is important to understand what is below the ground. Are there utility lines already running through the site? The utilities for your project, power, water, gas, sewage adds another dimension. 

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the pivotal point on all projects. Here at Swell Construction Group, each of our job sites has their own Project Manager , who is highly skilled in all aspects of site development and will take the project from its initial ground breaking to the final walk through with the local City or County Municipality. They also ensure that the project is built to the client’s specifications and acts as the interface between the Owner, the office and the field.

Since 1989, Swell Construction Company has been helping Central Florida grow. Our partnership with businesses and residences have made us a leader in the industry! We deliver exceptional construction quality and unbeatable customer service! Contact us today for more information.