Reliable Excavation/Site Clearing Contractor in Central Florida

Central Florida excavation or site work is the preliminary work for a new building, whether commercial, residential or parking lot. It Is an important and vital part of the construction process. This site work ensures the success of the project. 

The environmental conditions and parameter of the specific project.

Site work includes a number of different aspects of the construction site. 


Excavation is rigors job, it typically requires several pieces of large equipment to remove unwanted soil and rocks from the site. Experience with Central Florida topography is necessary to get the job right. 

Grubbing and Clearing

To make room for new construction, the shrubs, trees, vegetation, structures, and hazardous materials need to be removed. In Central Florida there are regulatory and environmental considerations, experience is a must!

Subgrade Stabilization 

The integrity of the construction is important. To avoid structural damage or cracks down the road, quality subgrade is necessary. To ensure there won’t be any cavity or shifting the soil under the topsoil is stabilized. 

Storm Water and Drainage 

Here in Central Florida water has proven to be very destructive. Not only during the construction phase, but also for the final project. Proper storm water drainage is essential, for this reason alone, it is important to hire a construction service that has built its reputation on service, performance and quality. 

Site Planning 

Plans are developed for the project, all requirements are accounted for. This is where experience matters. From testing the soil, bringing in large equipment, to storm water runoff and proper disposal of materials.

Preparing a site for construction is crucial for a successful project. Swell Construction is proud to be a leader in the industry. 

Our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy and fast response required by Owners. Our team is ready to work with Owners, Engineers and Municipalities on all aspects of a proposal in order to get the project to the next level, which is Project Management.

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