How Much Does Land Clearing Cost In Central Florida?

Typically, the first in most land development or construction project is to clear out the land. Depending on the property and size of the project, this can take a good chunk of the budget. But if it isn’t done properly, it can end up costing you even more! 

What is the purpose of land clearing?

More than just cutting down trees, it involves removing tree roots, rocks, stumps, brush, vegetation and any other debris. Ensuring the soil is stable enough to hold the weight of the buildings and development, leveling out the land, grading, and ensuring the architectural details are strictly followed. 

It also entails digging out areas for utilities and accounting for any future erosion. 

How is land clearing done?

To ensure the process of clearing the land is done right, it takes several pieces of heavy machinery and equipment. This includes bulldozers, front end loaders, bush hoggers, and several others.  

It also takes experience. The land and environmental conditions here in Florida is like no where else. Understanding the soil, vegetation, and, waterways are just as important. 

What is the cost of clearing land? There are several factors

Weather conditions

Depending on the time of year, the weather can influence the project. For instance, is your project starting in the rainy season? Often times, the rain can make the ground softer and easier to work with, but mud can slow down the project.

Starting land conditions

The topography, density of vegetation, access to the land, around of debris, and scope of the project all play a significant role. 

Amount of debris

The more debris there is, the more hauling it away, disposal, and the longer it will take. 

Local and environmental regulations 

Beyond obtain required permits, it is important to know of any regulations that would apply to your project. For instance, clearing near a waterway, growing grass in particular areas, leaving behind plants and trees. 

Hiring a professional service 

Hiring a local professional land clearing service with experience and their own equipment, will ultimately save you time and money. 

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