Cost of Land Clearing & Site Development In Kissimmee

Land clearing and excavation is one of the first and most important steps in construction in Central Florida. Whether it is clearing out a property to build your dream home or business or clearing out overgrowth or landscaping from a previous building, you need a clean slate for your project. 

What does the site clearing process entail? How much does a commercial land clearing service cost? What should you expect?

What is land clearing?

As the first step in many projects, land clearing and excavation sets the stage for a successful project. Transforming a property ready for development. 

Land clearing involves specialized equipment and experienced operators to remove debris, trees and obstructions above and below ground level.  Remove vegetation and cut down trees, the roots and stumps are also removed. 

The process of land clearing: There are s couple of steps that need to be taken

Conduct a site walk through  

For an accurate estimate from the excavation and land clearing service, they will need to conduct a walk through. They need to take note of the visible obstruction and the density of the vegetation that needs to be cleared. 

Select a contractor 

Doing a little bit of homework can save a lot of time, frustration and money. Select a contractor with experience and their own equipment. They should also know all the local and state regulations and guidelines and have knowledge of the local soil and erosion rules. 

Permits and zoning 

It is important to ensure the property is zoned for the intended use and all the permits are properly in place. 

Begin land clearing 

The duration of the land clearing is based on the size of the property, density of vegetation and the time of year. 

Development of the land

Once the land is cleared, next come excavation, drainage work, grading, paving, and utility installation. Hiring a full service company will not only save you money, it is a lot less stress and headache.