The Importance of Excavation and Site Clearing in Central Florida


When starting on any construction job, whether you are in Orlando, Windermere, Kissimmee, Osceola, Volusia, or even the Villages in Lake County, you want everything to go smoothly. No setbacks or delays. Framing out the project and pouring concrete is very exciting, but it’s the site clearing and excavation that can make or break the entire project.

Swell Construction is Central Florida’s premier excavation company. We take pride in quality land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation, to get your project done under budget and on time! 

Proper land clearing means fewer frustrating setbacks and no future problems. For best results our experienced excavation team is committed to delivering the ideal result, even in the toughest terrain conditions. 

Brush Removal: Much of Central Florida’s land is filled with abundant vegetation, leaving your construction site overgrown. Our team will clear out the necessary areas to create clean, clear property. 

Tree Clearing: Trees in Florida thrive in all of our sun and rain. Which makes removing them very labor intensive.  It takes proper equipment and an experienced crew. 

Stump Removal: Stump can create major problems for contractors and developers, proper removal is vital to any project.

Erosion Control:  Surface runoff, prevent flooding, water pollution, and soil loss, erosion control should be done by experts who definitely know what they are doing!

Grading: To ensure the success of your project, it requires a level base, designed angles and slopes.

Fill Export/Import: Land clearing also includes removing excess soil or brining more onto the site. Ensuring there aren’t any safety hazards or major inconveniences. 

Happy Thanksgiving

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The family at Swell Construction want to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and clients for their support!

Orlando Site & Land Development Contractor, “Breaking Ground”

The foundation for any Central Florida construction project is site development. From excavation, clearing, to land planning, maximizing usable land and creating a secure and stable site for your construction site is what the seasoned professionals at Swell Construction has been doing for 30 plus years. 

Our experience, innovation, leadership, and commitment, ensures we will exceed your expectations. Working on a project from initiation ensures a higher level of planning, a solid foundation, and in compliance with all local regulations. 

“Breaking Ground”

It’s the moment your construction project begins. Whether it is a multi acre housing development, shopping plaza, medical complex, apartment buildings or condos, it’s an exciting time! 

The moment construction begins, “Breaking Ground”. Excavation begins and it seems like it’s a race to get to the finish. You can count on Swell Construction to complete the job on time, if not ahead of schedule and under budget. With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring that no project or task is beyond our limit.

As a preferred site development contractor, we strictly follow safety regulation and guidelines. Based on the project’s plans, we begin excavation and grading, which typically includes slopes for runoff, plateaus for buildings, ditches for utilities and installation, shape cut outs, level ground, stormwater system installation, paving, and more. 

This allows construction to begin. Swell Construction has the experience to understand the needs of different projects. To ensure the foundations of homes in a  development won’t be affected by all of our storm water, extensive grading will be needed to properly direct the water.  While the land for a shopping center will need to be emptied out to make room for the foundation, utilities, and structure to be built.

Working with inexperienced contractors and site developers can lead to delays, missed deadlines, and send you over budget. At Swell Construction we know what it takes to get the job done right! 

We are a full service, licensed, bonded and insured, site development construction company. Our offices are located in Oviedo, Florida, and we have worked in the site development industry in central Florida area since 1989. 

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