Kissimmee Brush, Land Clearing & Excavation

Why are so many people and companies choosing Swell Construction for all their earthworks, excavation, grading, paving, stormwater, and utility installation needs.

We Have The Right Equipment

We have made a big investment in our excavation equipment. In fact, we have over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring that no project or task is beyond our limit. We also have the experience and permits necessary to operate such equipment.

We Have The Necessary Insurance

Liability has become a big issue in the last decade. The last thing you want is to be held responsible for any injuries or damage. We carry the necessary insurance to protect our clients from being held liable during the process. 

We Are Equipped To Handle Any Surprises 

Here in Central Florida excavation and site clearing don’t always go as planned. Sand or rock beneath the surface and depending on the materials in the soil, complications can arise. With the experienced team at Swell Construction, we understand how to handle anything that comes up. Ensuring there are no unforeseen delays, saving you time and money. 

We Know The Proper Procedures 

There is a lot more to excavation and site clearing than just digging. Precision is vital and proper protocol is necessary for a quality project, without injuries or delays. 

Reduce Cost

There is a lot at stake, when it comes to preparing a site for construction.  The team at Swell Construction specializes in total site development. With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can do it all. From land clearing, excavation, dirt hauling, erosion control, paving roads, surveying, utilities and storm water installation.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and trust are key components of the relationships with our clients. Open communication and transparency has led to our long history of successful commercial, multifamily, and single family residential site development projects.

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Kissimmee & Clermont Excavation & Site Clearing

Whether it is a commercial property, parking lot, subdivision, or single family home, in Central Florida, the first and most important step is a strong and stable foundation. Without it you can end up with some serious issues down the road. 

No matter what type of excavation or site development work you are doing, it is necessary to understand the importance of properly clearing the site, excavation, trenching, and digging for footings. 

A foundation is more than just a solid base for every building

The foundation and soil underneath it is what keeps the structure from sinking into the ground, while keeping moisture out. Without a proper excavation for a solid foundation a building would absorb moisture, a few years down the road the foundation may become soft and crack, the walls could be filled with mold.

A good foundation protects the framework from all types of ground movement. It could be from our torrential downpours, disturbances in the ground from vehicles or road work, or any type of vibrations. 

Before a foundation can be poured the base of crushed stone must be properly compacted to that the foundation does not crack or shift. 

Why do foundations in Central Florida fail?

With proper site work and pouring of the foundation, it should last forever without any problems. But if the backfill used around the foundation has too much moisture, it can result in excessive pressure, cracks and leaks.

Equally important is to remove any and all tree roots, not just the stump. If not the roots will continue to grow and cause significant damage to the foundation. 

Excavation creates a large amount of dirt, which needs to be stored and removed. Placed in the wrong place and it can result in displaces soil, landslide, collapsed wall, or trench.

Proper equipment and permits will be necessary for these types of site development. 

There are many aspects that go into excavation and site development. Swell Construction Group is a trusted site development group in Central Florida. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.

Kissimmee Site Clearing & Excavation; What’s In A Solid Foundation?

When it comes to site clearing and excavation in Central Florida, a good foundation is imperative! The site requires diligent preparation to ensure your project gets off the ground. 

The overall quality of your building’s future starts with professional standards. It will encompass  environmental agencies, soil specialists, architects, and a construction team who you can partner with to ensure everything will get done right, on time, and within budget. 

It starts with the lay of the land

Every project is unique, but they all need to follow federal, state, and local rules.  Along with essential prep documents and proper percents all play a big part of the plan before building even begins. 

To reduce any issues down the road, EPA’s standards and guidelines for obtaining a Construction General Permit should be followed for site prep and excavation. Minimizing the disruption to the ecosystems, wildlife, and infrastructure.

Provisions during the site clearing process

The site will need to be supplied with water, electricity, drainage tanks, temporary sewer. There are also guidelines and rules set out by the EPA to ensure both the surrounding area and workers stay safe and healthy. The last thing you want is to get fined for the rain washing debris or harmful chemicals into the local water source. 

Land investigation 

The strength of the soil needs to be support buildings for years to come. Which means soil samples will need to be thoroughly tested and analyzed for the type, composition and strength. To compensate for weak soil, new soil may need to be brought to the site. Other times, existing soil can be compacted to make it stronger. As the work begins, steps must be taken to control sediment and prevent erosion of the soil.

Site prep

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into preparing a site for construction, utility placement, geophysical research, and permits. Then there is the part that everyone can see, the heavy equipment, digging trenches, excavating, setting up boundaries, ect..

Swell Construction Group is a trusted, full service, licensed and bonded land development company. With over 30 years of business, serving Central Florida. We provide the best site construction, on time and within budget. 

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