Orlando/Kissimmee Excavating, Land Clearing & Earthwork

Before you can begin construction on a housing community, business, residential home, a parking lot or even roads, here in central Florida, clearing the site is necessary. While it may seem simple, there are many steps to insure the site is cleared properly. Ensuring your project is successful and there aren’t any problems down the road. 

The Process Includes Several Important Phases:

Clearing and Grubbing

Subgrade Stabilization

Shoring and Erosion Control 


Drainage and Water System 

Clearing and Grubbing

The process starts with removing all the vegetation and undergrowth in the designated area.  Then larger trees and debris are cleared. Removing large trees takes the right equipment and experience. The stumps and roots also need to be removed. As well as large rocks, stones, and animal burrows. 

Surface Soil Clearing and Subgrade Stabilization

Surface soil is where decaying materials and roots are concentrated. Since they make an unstable building foundation it most be removed. Loosening the soil, removing it and transporting to where it can be used. Then the soil levels below are properly stabilized, to ensure the building won’t have a structural damage in the future.

Shoring and Erosion Control

Proper shoring and erosion control ensures there won’t be any issues with erosion or weathering. Creating a safe working environment.


Typically requires several large pieces of equipment and skill to remove unneeded rocks and soil from the site.

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