Kissimmee & Clermont Affordable Excavation & Earthwork

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If you need a site clearing or excavation team in Central Florida, it is vital they meet the necessary requirements and needs for the scope of the project. A professional will need the proper heavy equipment, extensive experience and knowledge of the environment to ensure a successful project.

 It takes years of training and experience to assess all the entire scope of a project.

 What sets Swell Construction apart from the rest?

 From beginning to the end, Swell Construction performs high quality work, this includes all of our services and performance. Our mastery, accuracy, and precise attention to details in every aspect of the project.

 Quality, Performance, and Custer satisfaction

The team at Swell Construction cares about our service, quality, and performance. There won’t be any cutting corners or a rushed job. A solid structure depends on the stability of the soil beneath the foundation.

 Hiring a company without excavation or site work knowledge here in Central Florida, is just inviting problems in the future. This can include sloping floors, house settling, water leaks, drainage problems, uneven walls, and other serious issues. Untrained excavators may also be absent of insurance, licenses, percents and necessary equipment 

Hiring the right team for the project is vital. Make sure they have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. For instance, there is a big difference between digging for a septic tank installation an clearing out a property for the construction of a housing community 

Make sure the company is insured, bonded, licensed and meets the industry standards. This may mean looking further than the price a company is quoting. There may be a reason for that low rate. 

Looking for an excavation service in Central Florida?

Swell Construction has  a long history of commercial, multifamily, and single family residential site development, We have been working on projects in Central Florida since 1989, ranging in size from 1 to over 500 acres.

Our state-of-the-art estimating software system takes the guesswork out of proposal preparation and ensure the accuracy and fast response required by Owners. Our crews are the best there is, supported with the latest in technology and equipment.