Central Florida Land Development & Excavation

Why are so many developers, builders, and homeowners relying on Swell Construction for all their site clearing and excavation needs in Central Florida? 

Starting a new project is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Don’t worry, Swell Construction can help you get started and take care of all your excavation and paving needs. 

What seems to be a bargain, ends up to be a costly disaster. Working with inexperienced contractors and site developers can also lead to delays, missed deadlines, and send you over budget. 

The experienced team at Swell Construction knows what it takes to get the job done right. Including over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, ensuring there is no job that is too big, from land clearing, excavation, dirt hauling, roads, utilities installation to surveying and much more.

Understanding the newest techniques, latest laws, ensuring the job is done right, and stays within budget and on schedule takes experience and a dedicated crew.

We go to great lengths to employ only the brightest and the best in the industry. We believe this professional approach brings the diligence and expertise that makes our team a step above the rest. Combined with our advanced equipment, innovative designs, and attention to details, ensures we deliver a seamless and efficient job. Our results are rock solid!

We are proud to be Central Florida’s full service, licensed and Bonded Land development company specializing in residential, commercial and multi-family projects.

We provide accurate estimates and perform our scope of work in an efficient, timely, and a cost effective manner.

Our excavation solutions are dependable and efficiently designed for the best results possible. We are committed to not only protecting your best interest, but also that of the community. We ensure minimal impact on the environment and keeping intact the existing underground utilities, without causing damage to the landscape or property. 

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