Orlando Excavation & Site Clearing; What You Need To Know

Before you begin that new construction project here in Central Florida, you probably need some type of site clearing and preparation work or excavation before construction starts. Not only does this ensure your land complies with local and state building codes, but there reduces the chances of delays, issues, or problems down the road. 

What you need to know about site prep and excavation 

Prior to construction, there are a number of tasks associated with preparing the site for development. Some of these factors include natural obstacles such as rocks, varying yuppies of soil, bedrock, uneven surfaces, trees, and their roots. Proper site prep is designed to eliminate these obstacles and ensuring the property is safe and ready for construction. 

You want to choose a contractor who specializes in the services you need, to ensure it is done properly, reducing delays. For instance, to insure proper grading, several layers of rock may need to be brought in to ensure a flat surface, safe for a foundation. 

Not only to make the ground level, but grading also reshape the property for proper drainage. The last thing you want is sedimentation and soil erosion damage, resulting in foundation damage. 

Site prep also includes staking out markers for the rest of the construction teams. Understanding the boundaries makes the project more efficient. 

For more information about preparing your site for construction, contact Swell Construction Group. 

Swell Construction Group is a full service, licensed, bonded and insured, site development construction company. Our offices are located in Oviedo, Florida, and we have worked in the site development industry in central Florida area since 1989. 

Swell Construction Group Inc. has a long history of commercial, multifamily, and single family residential site development projects ranging in size from 1 to over 500 acres. Our staff specializes in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, stormwater system installation, utility systems installation, and paving.

Orlando Site Prep, Excavation & Land Clearing, Which Method is Best?

What land clearing, site preparation, excavation, and grading methods are best for your Central Florida construction project?

The details matter for a successful land clearing. What regulations and rules does it need to adhere to? How will you handle the storm water, water runoff, and collection? Are there any regulations concerning the nearby waterways?

Are there any abandoned structures, above or below ground, hazardous materials or existing underground utilities? What type of equipment will be needed? 

Before you can begin any construction project with raw land, it needs to be properly cleared. All the trees, rocks, and bushes, as well as any debris that has accumulated. It may seem simple enough, but it involves a strategic plan, heavy equipment, experience, permits, an understanding of the local regulations and laws. 

Land clearing techniques have come along way in the last decade. Modern methods allow for safer and environmentally alternatives. Not all properties are the same, the method best for your project depends on several aspects. To ensure a successful project, careful planning is always key. 

For example, some areas may require the foliage and trees to be pulverized, while others may allow burning. If you are having trees removed on a lot under an acre with an existing structure, many areas do not require a permit, but maintain at least 80 cumulative trees inches per acre. It all depends on local regulations. 

State of the art equipment is necessary for a cost effective land clearing project, it also ensures the job is done right. The last thing you want is problems down the road. 

With over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, Swell Construction Company ensures that no project or task is beyond our limit. Quality work for over 30 years, staying on schedule and under budget, has  earned us our outstanding reputation throughout Central Florida. 

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