Orlando/Kissimmee Excavation, Landclearing, Paving

You drive along a road, into a parking lot, park, walk across a path into a building or home, the ground is secure and solid. The ground beneath is supporting heavy vehicle, equipment, and buildings. Excavation makes this all possible. 

The weight of any construction project has an impact on the ground. Proper excavation is what ensures the ground will support all the weight. It is a process more detailed than one would imagine. 

Breaking Ground

To start the excavation process, all existing structures, rocks, and trees must be removed.  Here in Central Florida this can even mean hazardous debris. This doesn’t mean everything has to go, natural geological hills and healthy trees can be preserved. 

Not only what is above the surface, but also what’s below, including some topsoil. Digging holes for foundations and roads. 

Time for Construction

To ensure the ground will support anything constructed on it, this means removing and adding materials.  Not all dirt is the same, they react differently when compacted. It takes precise and scientific calculations to support the construction. Which is why also why geological and civil engineers inspect the stability of the site.

Excavation also creates the right drainage on the property. Which is vital here in Central Florida. 


A trench is dug for the placement of the building’s foundation, sewage and water pipes, along with other building related functions. The depth of these specific excavated spaces typically exceeds their width. 

Trenches require designated equipment and a protective system in place, since they can be hazardous. 

A professional excavation service is not only responsible for the integrity of the site, but also the surrounding areas. 

With over 30 years of experience and over 130 pieces of heavy equipment, we can tackle any project!  Construction Group,  we feel our responsibility to provide our customers with a quality-finished project. This is achieved by having highly skilled personnel in all positions within our company.

Contact Swell Construction for an estimate, we ensure top quality work in an efficient, timely, and a cost effective manner.

Orlando Excavation Service, Land Clearing, Grading, Earthwork

If you are a project manager, land developer, or construction contractor in Central Florida and need some type of site development, but what do you need to know?

There Are Several Types of Excavation 

Borrow Excavation

Most new construction projects require removing materials to make room for the project. Borrow excavation, is just that, borrowing materials such as soil, gravel, and dirt, from a ‘sandbox’ as the industry call it. These materials are used for grading, fill, and used to create concrete. 

Channel Excavation 

This type of excavation focuses on removing materials to create throughways or ditches to redirect water flow. This important step manages water, sediment buildup and alleviate flooding.

 Structural Drainage

Work related to drainage focuses on moving water, via storm drains, trenches, or ditches, away from the project or structure. 


Sediment and debris accumulate over time and needs to be removed. Dredging is underwater excavation, moving the debris and dirt to another area.


Typically for new industrial, commercial or residential construction. It pertains to removing soil to make room for the project. The objective is to gain access through areas that are impassible by isolating the polluted or contaminated space. 

Footing Excavation 

The foundational support of the project, building, structure, or bridge is the footings. It consist of a very precise type of excavation, that occurs after the land is properly graded. 

Stripping Excavation

This includes clearing (or stripping) out the land, shrubbery, trees, and topsoil. This is especially important if you have a large area of land.

Muck Excavation 

Muck excavation is often necessary in projects in Central Florida.  This typically involves cordoning off 

Rock Excavation

Rocky ground is prevalent in Florida and can easily obstruct construction. Often times specific equipment is necessary to effectively remove them.

There are many aspects that go into excavation and site development. Swell Construction Group is a trusted site development group in Central Florida. We provide services in land clearing, grading, earthwork, excavation, paving and storm water and utility systems installation.